iLove | Cycling Shorts


I know you're probably thinking, another Kardashian inspired trend thrown your way, but hear me out.. On a day off, how lazy are you actually and how comfortable do you wish to be? Back in the day cycling shorts we're a thing already, they just made a minor comeback!

For your off days when an oversized t-shirt will do with a bum bag, cycling shorts are exactly what you need. Who wants to walk around worrying about flashing people? They're so comfy and you barely feel like you have anything on.

Now, my most favorite is seeing it paired with blazers. Blazers are so clean & polished, seeing it worn with a twist just creates a whole other vibe! I think it's all about how you decide to style it.

Do you feel this trend? Do you have cycling shorts?
Oh, I'm not a fan of the shiny ones but the matte ones are perfect!

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