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By now you must have seen these Bunita palettes already. I've raved about them on social and you could see my first contact with them on launch day and during the live session we did on Instagram.

Let me go through them one by one with you. Starting off with 'Amor Propio'.. 'Amor Propio' has beautiful warm tones and is the palette used for the look I'm rocking above. Being that the colors are warmer and slightly different, I wanted to have a look created it with so I could see the versatility for myself. Well, I loved the look! Rocked with two different Bunita lip liquids (Kaya Kaya & Sin), it's a day and night look all in one! 
What I loved the most is how pigmented each shadow is. Whether it be shimmer or matte, both types applied beautifully. There was very little fall out and in one application, the pay off was already amazing. I love using my eyeshadows wet but these applied nicely dry and the shimmers had an extra pop when applied wet.
Besides the actual application, what I value also is the longevity of the shadows. How long was my look impeccable? HOURS! I kept my whole face on after the session and not a single eyeshadow moved!

The other palette, 'I Deserve' is equally as beautiful. I played with it and as neutral as the palette is, the color pay off is amazing. The colors look as gorgeous on as they look in the pan. The shimmers sparkle beautifully and some of them can even be applied as highlighter to tie in the look.

All by all, I must say, I was incredibly impressed by both palettes and the major bonus is the large mirror in the packaging a.k.a you can take these palettes, create a million looks, mirror in hand!

First it was the great lip products (the liquid lipsticks don't crack or fade) and now the eyeshadows.. Bunita is on a roll! They have make-up brushes too and I'll do a review on them soon!

Major thanks to Ashna who is the Boss Lady behind Bunita and the professional make-up artist behind this look! Mind you, she did the first half and I did the other half. The palettes were easy to work with, the colors blended beautifully and although I am no professional, as you can see, the look came out perfectly!

Congratulations to Ashna and the brand!

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