Outfit | Same ol', Same ol'

Hat ..  Market | Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Dress .. H&M | Sandals .. Aldo

As blank as I sometimes am, as to what to write, I love coming back to my blog to simply tell you I'm sorry I don't have much to say, haha..

This is a pretty old dress, but I love how classic it is.. I'm sure you've seen it before on me.. I alter it all the time, sometimes I wear it long, sometimes I wear it short, sometimes I add a belt, sometimes I make the neckline sweetheart, sometimes I keep it straight. This is one of those dresses I never get tired of. 

I think the main thing sometimes as a blogger is, you wish you had more clothes, different styles etc. so your content can be more diverse but in reality, when you have clothes you like and enjoy, you just wear the same thing over and over again.. At least, that's me.

Anyways, I think I'll do a styling this dress differently post or video, could be interesting!

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