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This trend was here before, it will probably go and come again but I Love it! When I was little my mom used to wear these a lot, mainly to keep hair out of her face but it was a definite lewk! In my teenage years, Blair Waldorf did the honors and carried this trend on her own, and I loved it on her too.. All this time, while still exploring my style and not seeing these being sold anywhere, I was just loving it in peace.. But here comes Ebay, my magical place where I find everything.. I must admit, at first I was a bit nervous because when you're the only one rocking something, you're automatically the odd one out.. You'd think that by this point I've become used to it but I have not..

Anyways, I got on my Ebay, yes it's mine and got to searching.. The cheapest but nicest options.. And there it was.. A whole store with different options.. I got a whole bunch! This (click) is the store.. They have other stuff too but I found exactly what I was looking for.. I did an unboxing on Instagram, that's why you should be following, for the juice! But in case you missed it, above is some inspo for ya..

I love how girly, classy and vintage-y they are, the velvets and embellished ones are my favorite.. They weirdly go with everything and of course, it makes you feel like you put in some effort to your look.. Are you feeling this trend? Share your thoughts with us aka me!

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Marilhen Daal said...

Loveeeeee this trend!!!! Thank you for the link

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